Frequently Asked Questions

Our main priority is to provide our clients with cost-effective business email databases that are high quality and up-to-date. We guarantee that your marketing efforts will be a success using our list. Right now, we are supporting Cryptocurrencies and Paypal as a payment method, which is 100% safe and secure. If you like to pay through Credit Card, use the below service to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) through a Credit Card. We'll add a Credit Card payment gateway soon.

1. Use Binance P2P trade or use your Credit Card or Debit Card to purchase
2. Open a Cryptocurrencies wallet to receive your funds

Note: Coin Telegraph and Simplex take some time to verify your credit card. They also ask a few documents for the verification. Also, it's a 3rd party system. We are not related to their processing system. If you have a question or need support, then ask After receiving the payment, you can download your database instantly.

If you like to pay through Neteller Or Skrill then use this website to convert: Spectrocoin

Most Asked Question And Answer!

How can I purchase the database?

It's really simple. If you have Cryptocurrencies, then place an order. It will take maximum 2 to 10 min to complete a transaction (Depends on your blockchain and fees). When transaction complete you can get the download link instantly.

I don't have Cryptocurrencies. What I will do?

If you have a Credit Card, PayPal or others payment methods, then follow our top paragraph on this page. You can purchase Cryptocurrencies through 3rd party system and then make the payment.

After complete the payment, how do I receive the database?

It's so simple. If you complete the transaction in, it will show you Paid signal. Then kindly check your Email which you provided in the Checkout page to receive the Download Link or go to Client Login area to Download your Database. It can take 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on blockchain fees.

I received the download link via email but it's not working. What to do?

You have to log in our website to download the file. Go to Client Login area and log in with your Email Address and Password which you provided in the Checkout Process. Then try to Download and it will work.

I want to purchase more then one database. Can I get discount?

Surely, a bulk order has a discount. Contact us with your requirement.

I need to build custom database. Can you do that?

Yes, we can. As you have so many paid research website access. Just go to Service > Build a list and fill your requirement. We will back to you soon.

What about bounce rate, spam trap and age of the database?

Normally, our database has less than a 10% bounce rate. 100% bounce free never possible. If you use email validation service then you might get less then 5% bounce free database. It's recommended to use an email validation service before starting an email campaign. Our database doesn't have spam traps. As we only sell business database from paid research websites. So 99% of data verified and accurate.

Can I resell the purchased database?

No. We don't sell database to a reseller. You can use only for your personal business purpose. If we understand that, you are reselling, then we will take action.

Can I spam?

No, you can't. You can use our database only for targeted business. We are not responsible for misuse the database.

What about refund policy?

If you don't like the database then surely you will get a refund. Please check our Terms & Conditions page for refund policy.

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