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Physician Database


The physician and medical doctor is an ancient word, via both Greek and Latin origins for physic, signifying “Natural Science and Medicine.” A Physician is always focused on treatment. A good physician bears the most elevated level of duty of planning the patient's treatment from start to finish, investigating the patient's symptoms and conditions, and take care of them for the best outcomes and recuperation. Get Email Database offers top quality Physician Database on your need.

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We are offering you a top rated US Physician List. It's too much hard to find a good Physician Database. So, we compared millions of the Physicians and took feedback from people (who took the service) and made the special Physician Database that will save you valuable time and money. It can be used for various purpose. If your business is related to Physician then it will help you the most. offers you targeted data of physician, doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and other medical specialist compiled in a directory data format. Also, if need any medical help, people just search in Google and find the desired one but our database for those people who want to get Physician Mailing Database for research and business purposes. Nowadays companies won't mind paying a few hundred dollars for convenience. Imagine having millions of physician's profile and their details!

Total Records: 1.3 Million
Country: United States
File Type: CSV / XLSX
Delivery: Download
Source: US Government Records
Updated: 2023
Fields Name, Phone, Website, Email, Yellow_Page, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Mailing_Address
Specialty, Fax And Others

** Leads411 database available also. Sample and price info on request. Database will be collected upon order.
** Other countries data also available. Send us massage with your requirement.

🡆 130,00,00+ Physician Database
🡆 120,00,00+ Phone Numbers
🡆 130,00,00+ Mailing Address
🡆 240,000+ Email Addresses
🡆 U.S States Wise CSV Files
🡆 240,000+ Fax Numbers
🡆 2022 Updated
🡆 One Time Payment
🡆 Easy to Access and Use
🡆 in .CSV / .XLS Data Format
🡆 Delivery via Download Link
🡆 Unlimited Usage for Marketing
🡆 Data Research
🡆 Sales Leads
🡆 Prospecting
🡆 Telemarketing
🡆 Email Marketing
🡆 B2B Relationships

What Do You Get from Our Physician Database?

We're offering US Physician Database that includes all the important information you need for advertising and marketing. We start with personal information such as Name, Phone, Website, Email. We provide physician data with proper geographic (Address, City, State, Country, and Zip Code). So it’s easy to use our database and customize a campaign. If you are wondering, great! But, unfortunately, you may need a doctor at any time. At that time a good list can be a medium to get primary treatment! How? You can find out the phone number, address, email in a minute and will be ready to consult. A list of physicians would enable you to find the doctor closest to your area in case of a medical emergency.

Regardless of whether you are marketing in an industry where physicians and doctors are your primary prospect or constructing your medical service business, our database can assist you to exceed your target objectives. With all the essential data regarding doctors and physicians from all over the country, you would almost certainly have great opportunities in marketing your service.

US Physician Database

US Physician Database Designations

🡆 Cardiology
🡆 Dermatology
🡆 Emergency Medicine
🡆 Family Medicine
🡆 Gastroenterology
🡆 Genetics
🡆 Gerontology
🡆 Hematology
🡆 Hospitalist
🡆 Infectious Diseases
🡆 Internal Medicine
🡆 Medical Groups & Clinics
🡆 Nephrology
🡆 Neurological Surgery
🡆 Neurology
🡆 Neuromusculoskeletal
🡆 Neuropsychologist
🡆 Nuclear Medicine
🡆 Obstetrics & Gynecology
🡆 Oncology

🡆 Oncology Surgery
🡆 Ophthalmology
🡆 Optometrist
🡆 Oral & Maxillofacial
🡆 Orthopedic Surgery
🡆 Orthotist
🡆 Osteopathy
🡆 Otolaryngology
🡆 Pathology
🡆 Pediatric Surgery
🡆 Pediatric
🡆 Plastic Surgery Physicians
🡆 Podiatrist
🡆 Preventative Medicine
🡆 Sports Medicine
🡆 Student Health Physician
🡆 Surgery
🡆 Urological Surgery
🡆 Urology
🡆 and many more!

** US Physician Database also have lots of other titles. Not all possible to list here.

US Physician List State Wise

🡆 Alabama (16000)
🡆 Arizona (27000)
🡆 Arkansas (11000)
🡆 California (148000)
🡆 Colorado (20000)
🡆 Connecticut (17000)
🡆 Delaware (4500)
🡆 Florida (108000)
🡆 Georgia (39000)
🡆 Hawaii (6400)
🡆 Idaho (5500)
🡆 Illinois (54000)
🡆 Indiana (23000)
🡆 Iowa (8500)
🡆 Kansas (10000)
🡆 Kentucky (17000)
🡆 Louisiana (19000)
🡆 Maine (55000)
🡆 Maryland (30500)
🡆 Massachusetts (35500)
🡆 Michigan (41500)
🡆 Minnesota (17000)
🡆 Mississippi (9500)
🡆 Missouri (235000)

🡆 Nebraska (29000)
🡆 Nevada (6800)
🡆 New Hampshire (5200)
🡆 New Jersey (44500)
🡆 New Mexico (8800)
🡆 New York (107000)
🡆 North Carolina (36000)
🡆 North Dakota (2000)
🡆 Ohio (45000)
🡆 Oklahoma (14500)
🡆 Oregon (15000)
🡆 Pennsylvania (58000)
🡆 Puerto Rico (11500)
🡆 Rhode Island (5000)
🡆 South Carolina (17500)
🡆 South Dakota (3000)
🡆 Tennessee (24500)
🡆 Texas (98500)
🡆 Utah (9000)
🡆 Virginia (30000)
🡆 Washington DC (6000)
🡆 Washington (26000)
🡆 West Virginia (7000)
🡆 Wisconsin (16500)

** US Physician Database also have lots of other states. Not all possible to list here.

US Physician List

Why Should You Choose Our Database? provide a comprehensive USA Physician List with accurate data. You may have seen different records, but ours stand out. We faced the reality and have wide experience, and we comprehend what’s most important to you. We provide more than 130,00,0+ physician data on our website and update on every two months basis for accuracy and personal hygiene and covers most of practicing doctors in the US.

Our information can help you to refresh, update, and boost the adequacy of your current or existing list. Consult with one of our information experts to talk about your current database and what information attaching administrations we can give to expand the value and viability of your own database. Since our prices for the best quality records are reasonable. The data you will get exceptional and complete also greater flexibility for market segmentation.