Terms & Conditions

Get Email Database Terms And Conditions

Copyright and Usage

Clients, The License, and Nominated Third Party agree that all related property rights including without limitation copyright shall remain to the sole property of Get Email Database. We do not support spam and illegal activities. So if you purchased or going to purchase any of our databases, you already agree with and abide by the CAN-SPAM-ACT of 2003.

Third Party or Clients can’t sell our database to other person or company. Our database only can be used for targeted, personal and legal business purpose.  Third Party is authorized to use Get Email Database information under this agreement for the licensee’s direct marketing, academic, and research purposes only. Under no circumstances must the data be copied, transferred or reproduced, to a third party. Get Email Database reserve the rights to modify the Terms & Conditions at any moment. Can edit clients details if needed.


If you purchase a database from Get Email Database then you must agree that the use of the data purchased from this website is at your own risk. You will not hold getemaildatabase.com accountable if for any legal problems that will occur regarding the usage of the data. By using the information from our databases, you are required to indemnify and hold harmless getemaildatabase.com from anyway.

Data Quality and Delivery

We deliver the information via email. After we confirmed the payment, we will email you the access of the database you bought. If you would like the highest quality database, custom database building, and email listing cleaning services then contact us. We can’t guarantee any sales if used for advertising purposes. We provide you the prospects and it’s up to you the way you advertise your product or service using our information. It is obvious that we are selling you the databases at a very low price. So, it is a request from our side that to use an email validation service before start any marketing. Also, remember that 100% bounce free database never possible to build but we try our best to minimize the bounce rate.

Refund Policy

We specialize in downloadable products which are sent to you directly through emails. So when you download a product, you will have access to the entire product. Therefore, we do not offer any refund after a download has been made.

Marketing Policy

If you want to use the data for email marketing purpose then you have to do legal ways. You always have to put unsubscribing or deleting the client information link in your email. So that if anyone can remove themselves from the list. Also, you can’t send them any further email who unsubscribed. You can’t use our database for any Illegal Purpose include Spamming, Phishing, Hacking, Porn etc purpose.